Tuesday December 4 2001

DDNS joins ING & IRA ?

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Just as my pile of ING & IRA “notices” is about to hit 4cm in height, we have another player!

Remember the “Domain Name Authority of Australia” aka Here are some old news articles to refresh your memory:

Scam claim over reselling

Domain name reseller changes name after complaints

They are now known as “Discount Domain Name Services” ( and
are sending out domain renewal notices (see below).

Discount Domain Name Services notice Discount Domain Name Services notice

Thursday November 29 2001

auDA to get industry code of practice

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auDA to get industry code of practice,39023166,20262111,00.htm

” ….

Domain name resellers from across the country have come out in support of comments made by NetRegistry CEO Larry Bloch, and auDA board member Joshua Rowe, as the auDA launches a code of practice aimed at improving the industry.

… “

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