Saturday February 11 2006

Domain Services Pty Ltd / ProWeb (Bradley Norrish + Craig Oehlers)

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Reports are coming in of domain name renewal notices being posted out by “Domain Services Pty Ltd” ACN 107 919 237 –

Domain Services Pty Ltd notice (Craig Oehlers)

If anyone else has evidence of these notices, then I would appreciate a copy for


Domain Name:
Last Modified: 24-May-2005 01:12:43 UTC
Registrar ID: R00020-AR
Registrar Name: Explorer
Status: OK

Registrant: Domain Services Pty Ltd
Registrant ID: ACN 107919237

Registrant ROID: C1098907-AR
Registrant Contact Name: Domain Administrator
Registrant Email:

Tech ID: C1098907-AR
Tech Name: Domain Administrator
Tech Email:

Name Server:
Name Server IP:
Name Server:
Name Server IP:


Domain Name: PROWEB.US
Domain ID: D2088805-US
Sponsoring Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Domain Status: ok
Registrant ID: BRADBRAD764B2E04
Registrant Name: Brad Norrish
Registrant Organization: Intraspatial LLC
Registrant Address1: PO Box 5484
Registrant City: Edmond
Registrant State/Province: OK
Registrant Postal Code: 73083
Registrant Country: United States
Registrant Country Code: US
Registrant Email:
Registrant Application Purpose: P1
Registrant Nexus Category: C11
Administrative Contact ID: CRAIDOMAA5EEF1BD
Administrative Contact Name: Domain Administrator
Administrative Contact Organization: Domain Services Pty Ltd
Administrative Contact Address1: Level 40
Administrative Contact Address2: 140 William Street
Administrative Contact City: Melbourne
Administrative Contact State/Province: VIC
Administrative Contact Postal Code: 3000
Administrative Contact Country: Australia
Administrative Contact Country Code: AU
Administrative Contact Phone Number: +61.1300133595
Administrative Contact Email:
Billing Contact ID: CRAIDOMAA5EEF1BD
Billing Contact Name: Domain Administrator
Billing Contact Organization: Domain Services Pty Ltd
Billing Contact Address1: Level 40
Billing Contact Address2: 140 William Street
Billing Contact City: Melbourne
Billing Contact State/Province: VIC
Billing Contact Postal Code: 3000
Billing Contact Country: Australia
Billing Contact Country Code: AU
Billing Contact Phone Number: +61.1300133595
Billing Contact Email:
Technical Contact ID: CRAIDOMAA5EEF1BD
Technical Contact Name: Domain Administrator
Technical Contact Organization: Domain Services Pty Ltd
Technical Contact Address1: Level 40
Technical Contact Address2: 140 William Street
Technical Contact City: Melbourne
Technical Contact State/Province: VIC
Technical Contact Postal Code: 3000
Technical Contact Country: Australia
Technical Contact Country Code: AU
Technical Contact Phone Number: +61.1300133595
Technical Contact Email:
Name Server: NS1.PROWEB.NET.AU
Name Server: NS2.PROWEB.NET.AU
Created by Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Last Updated by Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Domain Registration Date: Fri Apr 26 14:14:11 GMT 2002
Domain Expiration Date: Tue Apr 25 23:59:59 GMT 2006
Domain Last Updated Date: Fri Aug 05 16:24:41 GMT 2005

Friday December 31 2004

More Ezinames spam (Bradley Norrish + Craig Oehlers)

Reports are coming in about more spam from Ezinames aka “Domain Name News · 1800 Century Park East · Los Angeles, CA 90025″

A google search shows the abundance of these paricular spams:

Ezinames spam Bradley Norrish Craig Oehlers

Craig Oehlers’ surname appears on some of the image URLs in the spam –

Since Ezinames is operated by an Australian Company – Internet Registrations Australia Pty Ltd (Bradley Norrish) – they may have breached the Australian Spam Act Cth (2003).

Anyone who has received this spam should report it to the Australian Communications Authority here:

Sunday November 14 2004

Who’s who in the Zoo?

The following diagram is a pictorial representation of the information provided on this web site:

Chesley Rafferty + Bradley Norrish + Paul Fox + Alexander Ristovski + Craig Oehlers + Peter Jacobs + Domain Names Australia + Internet Registrations Australia + UK Internet Registry + Internet Registry + NetRegister + Domain Names NZ + ProWeb Solutions + Ezinames

Wednesday July 7 2004

I’ve been robbed by (Bradley Norrish + Chesley Rafferty + Craig Oehlers)

I’ve been robbed by

” …

I’ve also been screwed over by these guys. I registered my domain in March. I went away for 2 months soon after. When I got back I noticed monthly charges on my credit card from ProWeb Solutions. I had no idea who this compnay was and didn’t relate it to I scoured the net to find some reference to this company, but was unsuccessful. I decided to report it to my credit card company and issue a chargeback. About a month later (and another charge on my credit card because of the recurring bills), I receive the
following email:


Hi Jamie,

We have just received an RFI from our credit card processor regarding payment number 73677506. This payment was for web hosting and search engine submission services attached to the the domain name you registered ******.com and is fraudulently being charged back.

During the registration process it was clearly explained that the registration came with a free 1 month trial of our web hosting and search engine submission services. These could be cancelled anytime during that month and you would not be charged or you could elect to keep these services active and be charged our standard low pricing.

As per the terms and conditions of the registration agreement any credit card payment that is disputed by the customer for domain registration or extra web services, will result in loss of the associated domain name as well as the bank fees involved, your addition to the negative ‘non payer’ database and debt collection fees.

To reinstate this domain name and avoid these further fees please fax the attached form back immediately to us on +1 (212) 658 9656, this will result in you not incurring these extra fees, avoiding a possible negative effect to your credit rating and your domain should be active again within approximately 48 hours.

Yes, very threatening. It also came with an attachment (shown in the image attached to this post). Furthermore, they claim that the charges are ‘clearly explained’ during the registration process. I guess if you consider that one sentence within a large paragraph (talking about free stuff) on a webpage titled ‘FREE Webservices Included’ is clear, then iregistrations is probably right. But I feel that this is very misleading and that they intend this.


I sent them a nice email trying to explain that the only reason I issued a chargeback was becuase I had no idea who the charges where coming from and suggested that they use a merchant account similar to their business name. Nowhere in the registration process does it mention that charges come from ‘proweb solutions’

They have been very uncooporative keep insisting that I send this fax back to them. 48 hours have passed, but they are still adament that they get the fax.

I’m looking for people who have had similar experiences to myself with this company and what they did to make things right. I’m not super cocerned about keeping the domain. My credit company says that they can’t stop the recurring billing without cancellation from the merchants end. And if I send these faxes, I’m out $120 without any possiblity of a chargeback (they’d have my signature).

Thanks in advance for any feedback anyone might have.

… “

Monday February 23 2004

INTRAS NetSecurity unsolicited letters (Bradley Norrish)

Brad Norrish has started a new business called “INTRAS (Australia) Pty Ltd” (ACN 107 068 931).

INTRAS NetSecurity ( is sending out unsolicited letters and CD-ROMs by snail mail.

The CD-ROM claims to have virus/spyware/etc scanning and prevention software. I have not installed the
contents of the CD-ROM, so I have no idea whether these statements are correct or not.

Has anyone else received any communication from INTRAS NetSecurity? If so have you installed their
software and worked out what it does? Did you read and understand the End User Licence Agreement (EULA)?
What is the licence fee for the software?

I find it quite ironic that another one of Brad Norrish’s businesses (Internet Registrations WorldWide /
SearchEx) seems to be in the spyware provision business (see previous post).

NetSecurity’s pricing page ( says this:

” …

1. You enter into this agreement with us, Intras (Australia) Pty Ltd. If you are entering this agreement
on behalf of some other person, you warrant that you have the authority to enter into this agreement on
behalf of that person, and you agree to be liable for all their acts and omissions.

2. You warrant that you are 18 years of age or over.

3. You are granted a 30 days trial without charge. If the software is not uninstalled from all computers
before the 30 day mark then you are liable to pay the license fees for the software.

4. License fees are $3630 upfront plus $252 per month inc GST for a minimum of 48 months – a minimum
commitment of $15762 inc GST.

5. This contract is made in the state of Western Australia and bound by the laws of the state of Western

… “

Here’s what the snail mail letter says:

“Dear Internet/Computer Users,

Please find enclosed a computer CD Rom of Intras NetSecurity.

Intras NetSecurity is designed to help you prevent worms, viruses, security flaws, backdoor entry vulernabilities, spyware, adware, and/or Trojans to increase the level of protection and security on your computer(s).

I.T. security issues cost the global economy billions of dollars in direct costs and lost productivity every year. Millions of credit cards and bank details are stolen each year by Trojan horse programs.

Every other week there is a new malicious worm being created by hackers. Melissa, SoBig, and the recent MyDoom are just a few examples of worms that have crippled millions of machines around the world.

Intras NetSecurity can assist you in detecting these infections and ensure the user remains immune to the ever evolving computer risks. We invite you to download a trial licence of Intras NetSecurity without charge. There are 25 serial codes provided on the second page of this letter which can be used to activate Intras NetSecurity within your organisation for up to 25 users. Intras NetSecurity will allow you to scan your computers for an immediate report on the security issues detected.

There is absolutely no charge for the trial use. We hope you use Intras NetSecurity and benefit from it. To install the trial simply insert the CD Rom into the CD Rom drive and follow the prompts.


Intras (Australia) Pty Ltd”

The NetSecurity End License Users Agreement is here:

” …


7.4 In no event shall Intras (Australia) Pty Ltd’s total liability to you for all damages exceed $AU50.

… “

The “nslookup” query below shows that domain name is hosted with ProWeb Solutions which is run by Craig Oehlers.

josh @ whim [~] > nslookup

> server
Default Server:

> set type=soa
origin =
mail addr =
serial = 2004012806
refresh = 28800 (8H)
retry = 7200 (2H)
expire = 3600000 (3600000)
minimum ttl = 86400 (1D) nameserver = nameserver = internet address =

The web site looks like it has been written by “John Barker” and “Vladimir Cvejanovic” according to the various configuration files here:

This particular code: refers to a product called “emate”. The domain name “” is registered to Brad Norrish:

Domain Name:
Last Modified: 12-Jan-2004 07
Registrar ID: R00012-AR
Registrar Name: TPP Internet
Status: ok

Registrant: Bradley Stedman Norrish
Registrant ID: ABN 28477181616

Registrant ROID: C1413176-AR
Registrant Contact Name: Bradley Norrish
Registrant Email:

Tech ID: C1413177-AR
Tech Name: Bradley Norrish
Tech Email:

Name Server:
Name Server:


Domain Name:
Last Modified: 28-Jan-2004 07
Registrar ID: R00012-AR
Registrar Name: TPP Internet
Status: ok

Registrant: Bradley Stedman Norrish
Registrant ID: ABN 28477181616

Registrant ROID: C1464165-AR
Registrant Contact Name: Bradley Norrish
Registrant Email:

Tech ID: C1464166-AR
Tech Name: Bradley Norrish
Tech Email:

Name Server:
Name Server:


Domain Name:
Last Modified: Never Updated
Registrar ID: R00012-AR
Registrar Name: TPP Internet
Status: ok

Registrant ID: ACN 107068931

Registrant ROID: C1410249-AR
Registrant Contact Name: Technical Hostmaster
Registrant Email:

Tech ID: C1410251-AR
Tech Name: Technical Hostmaster
Tech Email:

Name Server:
Name Server:


Registration Service Provided By: IMCO

Domain name:

Administrative Contact:
Bradley Norrish (
Fax: +61.892257276
PO Box Z5439
Perth, WA 6000

Billing Contact:
Bradley Norrish (
Fax: +61.892257276
PO Box Z5439
Perth, WA 6000

Technical Contact:
Bradley Norrish (
Fax: +61.892257276
PO Box Z5439
Perth, WA 6000

Registrant Contact:
Bradley Norrish (
Fax: +61.892257276
PO Box Z5439
Perth, WA 6000

Status: registrar-lock

Name Servers:

Creation date:
Expiration date: 17 Apr 2013 14:26:27

ASIC extract:

Australian Company Number: 107 068 931
Incorporated in: WESTERN AUSTRALIA
Registration Date: 17/11/2003

Current Organisation Details
Name Start: 17/11/2003

Registered Office
Start Date: 17/11/2003

Principal Place of Business
Start Date: 17/11/2003

Appointment Date: 17/11/2003

Share Structure
Class: ORD
Number of Shares Issued : 100
Total Nominal Value : 0.00
Face Value per Share : 0.00
Total Paid on Shares Issued : 100.00
Total Unpaid on Shares Issued : 0.00
Total Paid on Premiums : 0.00
Balance of Share Premium Account : 0.00
Number of Shares Entitled to : 0
Average Exercised Price per Share: 0.00

Share Holders
Class : ORD No. Held: 100
Beneficially Held: YES Paid : FULLY

I am not aware of any information which suggests that INTRAS NetSecurity is not a bona fide virus/spyware/etc scanning and prevention product.

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