Monday October 24 2005

Web names boss on bankruptcy list (Chesley Rafferty)

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Web names boss on bankruptcy list (requires subscription)

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Web names boss on bankruptcy list
By Helen Westerman and Rebecca Urban
October 24, 2005

A SHONKY businessman who misled tens of thousands of businesses into buying domain names that they did not need has been declared bankrupt.

Chesley Rafferty, a former director of the rather official sounding Domain Names Australia, filed for bankruptcy this month, after two creditors petitioned for his bankruptcy.

The Federal Court last year found that Rafferty, 26, was guilty of misleading and deceptive conduct under the Trades Practices Act.

The company would send letters to businesses that were dressed up to look like invoices, asking them to register their domain name for $237 by a due date. And because the fee was a relatively small sum for many organisations, it was often processed with little scrutiny.

It is believed that he reaped millions.

Rafferty later appealed against the court’s decision but lost, and has been issued with an injunction forbidding him from committing further breaches.

He was also ordered to pay costs, which has obviously proved a problem given the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the self-regulating domain industry body, both of which took court action, have served bankruptcy notices on Rafferty to recoup their costs.

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Friday October 21 2005

Chesley Rafferty bankrupt

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Chesley Rafferty has declared himself bankrupt in a statement to the .au DNS List.

Chesley Rafferty and Domain Names Australia Pty Ltd were found guilty of misleading and deceptive conduct by an Australian Federal Court.


” …

From: Chesley Rafferty <chesleyau>
Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 – 15:20:03 UTC

It’s hard to find a good excuse to drink on a random
Friday but I’ve managed to find one.

As of 14/10/05 I am bankrupt – so crack the Dom
Perignon and drink away – of course I won’t be able to
join you unless you’re buying!

I look forward to seeing you guys back on the scene in
October 2008.



PS If anyone has need for a sales/marketing manager in
between – just drop me a line.

… “

Monday October 17 2005

ACCC: Domain name renewal/registrations – don’t get caught

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has produced a prepared a fact sheet on how to protect yourself against domain name scams.

Domain name renewal/registrations—don’t get caught

Topics covered include:

  • Unsolicited letters offering domain names
  • How to avoid problems
  • What’s in a domain name?
  • The business domain name
  • Same core name, but different domain names
  • The main players in the domain name arena
    • Australian .au domain name—key groups
    • Non .au domain names
  • Renewal dates for domain names
  • For more information on the domain name industry
  • Where to go if there are problems
  • How to protect yourself against domain name scams

Watchdog warns on domain name scams

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