Thursday May 26 2005

Nominet freeze scammers’ assets (Chesley Rafferty + Bradley Norrish)

Due to the actions of the respondents in the Nominet v UK Internet Registry case, Nominet asked for, and obtained, a ‘Mareva Injunction’ which is a court order freezing the assets of some of the respondents.

Nominet UK v Diverse Internet Pty Ltd [2005] FCA 669 (19 May 2005)

Bradley Norrish’s assets include:

” … the proceeds from the transfer of Lot 2 on Strata Plan 13794, being the property located at Unit 2, 47 Forrest Avenue, East Perth … a Ferrari F1 360 Spider Convertible motor vehicle … ”

Chesley Rafferty’s assets include:

” … the proceeds from the transfer of Lot 8 on Strata Plan 8708 … Mercedes CLK 320 motor vehicle with Victorian registration number RTC171 … a silver Magna sedan motor vehicle, registration number 1AED417 … a blue motor cycle, registration number 1BH477 … PostFinance Swiss Post account number 91-274880-1 … ”

The court document also provides mobile phone numbers for Bradley Norrish (0419 943 638) and Chesley Rafferty (0417 000 500).

The court document then goes onto say:

” … Mareva relief is also sought in respect of the fourth respondent (editor note: Bradley Norrish) … In his case there is evidence that he had previously sold the asset being the strata plan lot to his parents and that those parents are now in the process of transferring or have transferred the lot … In respect of overseas assets there is also evidence from him of the existence of a Swiss account and that is specifically identified in the proposed order … “

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