Wednesday July 7 2004

I’ve been robbed by (Bradley Norrish + Chesley Rafferty + Craig Oehlers)

I’ve been robbed by

” …

I’ve also been screwed over by these guys. I registered my domain in March. I went away for 2 months soon after. When I got back I noticed monthly charges on my credit card from ProWeb Solutions. I had no idea who this compnay was and didn’t relate it to I scoured the net to find some reference to this company, but was unsuccessful. I decided to report it to my credit card company and issue a chargeback. About a month later (and another charge on my credit card because of the recurring bills), I receive the
following email:


Hi Jamie,

We have just received an RFI from our credit card processor regarding payment number 73677506. This payment was for web hosting and search engine submission services attached to the the domain name you registered ******.com and is fraudulently being charged back.

During the registration process it was clearly explained that the registration came with a free 1 month trial of our web hosting and search engine submission services. These could be cancelled anytime during that month and you would not be charged or you could elect to keep these services active and be charged our standard low pricing.

As per the terms and conditions of the registration agreement any credit card payment that is disputed by the customer for domain registration or extra web services, will result in loss of the associated domain name as well as the bank fees involved, your addition to the negative ‘non payer’ database and debt collection fees.

To reinstate this domain name and avoid these further fees please fax the attached form back immediately to us on +1 (212) 658 9656, this will result in you not incurring these extra fees, avoiding a possible negative effect to your credit rating and your domain should be active again within approximately 48 hours.

Yes, very threatening. It also came with an attachment (shown in the image attached to this post). Furthermore, they claim that the charges are ‘clearly explained’ during the registration process. I guess if you consider that one sentence within a large paragraph (talking about free stuff) on a webpage titled ‘FREE Webservices Included’ is clear, then iregistrations is probably right. But I feel that this is very misleading and that they intend this.


I sent them a nice email trying to explain that the only reason I issued a chargeback was becuase I had no idea who the charges where coming from and suggested that they use a merchant account similar to their business name. Nowhere in the registration process does it mention that charges come from ‘proweb solutions’

They have been very uncooporative keep insisting that I send this fax back to them. 48 hours have passed, but they are still adament that they get the fax.

I’m looking for people who have had similar experiences to myself with this company and what they did to make things right. I’m not super cocerned about keeping the domain. My credit company says that they can’t stop the recurring billing without cancellation from the merchants end. And if I send these faxes, I’m out $120 without any possiblity of a chargeback (they’d have my signature).

Thanks in advance for any feedback anyone might have.

… “

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