Wednesday December 11 2002

IRA apology following ACCC action (Bradley Norrish)

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In my opinion, IRA should have sent this apology (see below) to the snail mail addresses as this is where the original deceptive mail out was directed. The cost of sending thousands of emails is also borne by the user not IRA (, a postal correction would have been paid for by IRA.

Domain Name Reseller to Provide Refunds Following ACCC Federal Court Action

Ironically this ACCC media release misspells auDA’s web site address … “”

ACCC slugs Australian domain name reseller over dodgy invoices,2000024981,20270526,00.htm

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Subject: IRA apology following ACCC action
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Internet Registrations Australia Pty Ltd (“Internet Registrations Australia”) wishes to advise you that certain representations made in its past promotional and business materials were misleading or likely to mislead in breach of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cwlth). Internet Registrations Australia acknowledges that these representations may have misled you into believing, for instance, that:

- Internet Registrations Australia had a pre-existing relationship with you before inviting you to renew your domain name registration;

- Internet Registrations Australia had an exclusive authority to register or renew your domain name;

- Any renewals of domain name registrations were required to be made through Internet Registrations Australia;

- Internet Registrations Australia had the same or substantially the same administrative powers and functions as Melbourne IT Limited in relation to domain name registrations and renewals;

- Internet Registrations Australia was responsible for domain name registrations and renewals;

- domain name renewal applications could be processed earlier than 60 days before the expiry of the existing registration;

- Internet Registrations Australia could register or renew domain names for periods of 4, 6, 8 or 10 years;

- Internet Registrations Australia would supply you a free one year .biz domain name registration on renewal of your domain name registration;

- Internet Registrations Australia could secure pre-registration of “.biz” and “.info” domain names;

- Internet Registrations Australia was the authority responsible for registration of “.biz” and “.info” domain names in Australia;

- By accepting the offer to list the address of your business in directory being promoted by Internet Registrations Australia:
(a) address would actually be listed in such a directory; and
(b) the management of your domain name would not be transferred to Internet Registrations Australia from your existing domain provider to Internet Registrations Australia.

- Internet Registrations Australia was entitled to retain an “administration” fee or any cancellation fee where money was refunded following any consumer complaint about misleading conduct; and

- That non-excludable consumer protection provisions in the Trade Practices Act can be excluded or did not apply to your dealings with Internet Registrations Australia.

If you accepted Internet Registrations Australia Pty Ltd’s offer to provide domain name renewal or other domain name management services you will shortly be receiving a letter informing you of how you may obtain a refund if you believe you were misled by claims about any of its services and did not receive a renewal, registration or pre-registration service that Internet Registrations Pty Ltd led you to believe you were paying for or were charged an “administration fee” by Internet Registration Australia Pty Ltd as a condition of obtaining a refund.

You can contact Internet Registrations Australia at freecall hotline:
1800 833 000

If you have a query about this notice you may contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on phone number 1300 302 502.

This notice has been issued pursuant to an undertaking enforceable under section 87B of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cwlth) as a result of action taken in the Federal Count of Australia pursuant to the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cwlth) by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

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