Tuesday April 30 2002

Australian registrar linked to NZ domain “scam”

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Australian registrar linked to NZ domain “scam”,2000024981,20264888,00.htm

” …

Internet Name Group has been implicated in a mass mail-out marketing scheme that has come under the scrutiny of domain registry authorities in New Zealand.

… “

Friday April 26 2002

ACCC vs ING adjourned

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I went and watched the ACCC vs ING case this morning.

It has been adjourned for 10 days, until May 6th at 2:15pm.

The judge has made some orders which I’ll post to the list once I get the exact wording confirmed.

Apart from that, I saw Mark Spektor, Sasha Sudakov and some other ING people, who all wore nice suits and used lots of brill cream.

Tuesday April 23 2002

more ING news

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auDA suspends Internet Name Group following ACCC action

Domain reseller suspended,7204,4179253%5E15318%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html

ING suspended admidst court action,2000025001,20264761,00.htm

ACCC takes reseller to court (requires subscription)

auDA pulls ING’s accreditation

Saturday April 20 2002

ACCC vs ING news

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ACCC Alleges Misleading Conduct by Internet Name Group

ACCC takes domain name reseller to court!OpenDocument

Local court action reignites domain name furore,2000025001,20264715,00.htm

ACCC seeks ING injunction

ACCC tackles domain company,7204,4162700%5E15306%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html

auDA – ACCC action against Internet Name Group

ACCC Alleges Misleading Conduct by Internet Name Group

Tuesday April 16 2002

Domain cop chases ING over .bz “invoices”

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Domain cop chases ING over .bz “invoices”

” …

Domain name regulator auDA is set to target domain name registrar Internet Name Group over unsolicited and potentially misleading letters calling for businesses to register .bz addresses.

The letters, which resemble invoices, are in some instances sent to businesses’ accounts departments and warn that the company’s .bz domain name has not been registered.

ING has already earned the ire of auDA over mailing out similar letters, which resembled invoices, telling domain name owners their addresses are about to expire. ING has been directed by auDA to ensure it adheres to the interim code of conduct for domain name registrars with respect to addresses.

AuDA chief Chris Disspain voiced concern at the latest ING marketing campaign, particularly because the letters are being sent to accounts departments, and confirmed the regulator will be investigating the matter.

… “

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